April 27, 2010

B1 welcomes Ryan O'Connor

B1 models would like to welcome Ryan O'Connor to the B1 booking team. Ryan (a former model) will be working to build up the B1 women's division. Ryan brings not only the experience of being a model, and of working with a women's agency as an agent. But a fresh eye and new perspective, which will help in the development of the women's board. Welcome aboard Ryan!

Vandol in Arise Magazine

Vandol one of our new faces, in the current Arise magazine, shot by the Guzmans.

Nicholas R. for Another Man

New to B1, Nicholas Rothowski is in the current issue of Another Man shot by daniel Jackson

New Season New Faces

Nicholas Cataldo 2 weeks in the business, and already getting top request.

Another from up North 17 year old Pat Shaw

New from Canada 19 year old Benjamin Bates

From Somalia, the land of Iman come Abdi, 19 and scouted in Boston.

April 13, 2010

Congratulations to Bart Grein for this months Wonderland shot by Aitken Jolly.