June 12, 2009

-Good Luck to the guys of B1 this season-

Best of luck to the guys of B1 this season in Milan and Paris. Even at the best of times the collections can be tricky, but with everyone going cutting back, we will have to see what this season brings. Best to all.
Garrett Lopez- his first season already on hold for Prada and Gucci. Jono- is on hold for Baleciaga, and of course Dior as well as many more. Tom Travis- already has many options holding for Milan and Paris. And Tafari- as mentioned earlier will be doing a Vivienne Westwood presentation for the Queen of England, and then on to Milan and Paris. Josh Petry and Dalijah are presently on hold for Givenchy while Alex Jacobs is on hold for Prada showing exclusive. Good luck to all.

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